Tyler's Backcountry Awareness

Intro Course - Tyler's Backcountry Awareness

Class Instructor: 

Brian Lundstedt

The day (on snow) will be spent learning and practicing the following-

  • understand your beacon
  • group management
  • safe travel management
  • terrain recognition
  • assessing avalanche danger
  • performing a rescue
  • beacon search
  • using a probe
  • strategic shoveling
  • measuring slope angle
  • identifying and understanding layers in the snow
  • relating avalanche education to your riding

Student Prerequisites: 

There are no educational prerequisites for the course.



Equipment List: 

The on snow portion of the class we will be in the field all day. Bring your lunch, sun glasses and sunscreen. Bring appropriate layers for the conditions to bounce between strenuous exercise and standing still during lessons. HELMETS are required for on snow travel.

Bring your Shovel, Probe and Beacon. We prefer that you come in your normal riding gear and have a backpack for safety gear, Avalanche Bag preferred.

Any gear that is needed please let brian@tylersba.org know and we will provide necessary gear for the day at NO COST thanks to our friends at OrtovoxBCA, ABS, SnowPulse/MAMMUT and Klim.